NEW - Distance Learning Programs



1) Cosmetology Distance Learning.

2) Hair Stylist Distance Learning.

3) Esthetics Distance Learning.

4) Massage Therapy Distance Learning.

5) Nail Technology Distance Learning.

Students will be scheduled to complete 50% of the program online (only theory) and 50% on campus.

Our Distance Learning Programs are designed for students to complete theoretical classwork from home, and only come on campus for practical skills. NOTE: Distance Learning does NOT mean all course work is completed from home. All students enrolled in our Distance Learning programs will be required to come to our campus for practical skill work and evaluations based on the theory subjects covered through Distance Learning. Student’s qualitative academic performance will be evaluated for each 10% of the Distance Education (modules) component actually completed within the program at the institution (in-person) by a qualified instructor.

For more information and next start dates please contact our admissions department:


phone: 304-292-8475

text: 304-290-0903